The resin & JYP and growth history of for 9 years


It decided that time of the year 9 was left behind and the singer and actor resin (25· one’s real name water reservoir) left for JYP entertainment. JYP entertainment that it shared for how long months resin which it is over before the exclusive contract expiration and enough talk parted the resin and this month with the end on 26th. In the meantime, the future of “give truly the revenue and expenditure presenting the pleasure which shares the joys and sorrows for the long time that it is 9 and which it grows with JYP of the gratitude greeting” the resin for was rooted. It is the company which grew together and shared the joy and sorrow and star and beautiful farewell. The relation was formed with JYP entertainment as the love call of the agency for the first time while participating in the nation first love ‘the called resin, in 2009, the Mnet’ superstar K’ Kwangju regional preliminaries. revenue and expenditure is recalled and the staff casting revenue and expenditure tells “if the attractive feature is found in the certain part among the dance, song, and appearance, it casts and JYP is the only case prepared to all this in the case of Suji” at that time. As to Suji, going through the period for trainee of after year 1 4 group girl group Miss a-law made debut on July, 2010. At that time, the debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ of Miss A gets the hot popularity and sweeps the first place of music chart and gathers the large-scale success. It did to get the qualifier that it is ‘the best in which Chinyeong Park makes idol’ Miss scraping in this. It was proud of the appearance on the stage and graceful beautiful face for the music video and revenue and expenditure received the most attentions among the member within among them. The result receiving the target was raised in the shortest period of time with this year Miss scrapes Rookie of the Year award, major prize and singer. All Georeot the road of the Ssat agar the ability with the actor besides revenue and expenditure the singer activity ‘actor-dol’ One which undertakes the star Koh Hyemi role in KBS ‘the dream high’ and holds the Braun tube debut hazing At the time when the drama started, it was called as ‘the drama in which the idol is the star’ and many these concerns were bought. However, in the same time competition work was altogether beat and it rose per B. Consequently, the woman Rookie of the Year award was grabbed in KBS ‘acting award’ progressing in the end of the year and figure making a long drive taking advantage of victory as the actor was displayed. The meter which revenue and expenditure climbs ‘top star’ rank is through solder 한 ‘the architecture outline’ in 2012 All Eodeot the wholehearted support of the whole age with the appearance which He who holds the screen hazing it plays role of the child’s part of the star Han Ga-in is pure and innocent and acting ability stable The popularity of which the movie is surprising was attracted and the qualifier that it is ‘the nation first love’ got to learn. It appeared in the drama ‘the Seo of 9 Ga’ variety program ‘the Cheongchunbulpae season 2’ movie ‘the beam painter’ etc. and revenue and expenditure was the nap the multi-talented entertainer Dap after the steps. It didn’t neglect of the full-time job called singer and consequently, brought out till 2 solo albums. Meantime, the confidence wholehearted of the agency and resin growing in the support for 9 years eats the share Woosik Choi and same mess opened the transfer of registration and conduction with the management wood from April 1st. Presently, the detail is tuned. Eye and ear of the fans are concentrated if revenue and expenditure shows any kind of looks in the new agency
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